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Privacy Policy

GDPR  Data Protection Act 2018


Notice to Past & Present Clients

I collect the data on the client consultation forms to ensure that I can safely perform your treatment & to be able to contact you with regards to appointments. I need to store this data to comply with my public & product liability insurance & to be able to safely continue treatments & keep records of all products used should any issues/allergies/problems arise. I will store this data in a secure location that only I have access to and I will not share this data with any third parties. You can request to see a copy of this data by using the contact form.


When taking card payments I use a third party PaypalHere, where only your name & last 4 digits of your card are stored. I collect this data so that I can complete my accounts accordingly for HMRC. This data is not shared with anyone & is stored securely on my icloud.

When booking your treatments online we use a third party, we use this information for appointment reminders and marketing purposes, which you have the option to opt out of. You can find further information on their privacy policies on


We will shortly go digital on all forms, these will collect the same data as the paper forms & will be stored on my laptop & backed up to my secure icloud which only I have access to.  This  will contain consultation form, client record card detailing you attendance, & copies of any medical letters/notes. My iPad is password protected.


I will store ALL necessary data for 7 years to comply with my legal obligations but it will be reviewed on a yearly basis where you can opt out, if you choose to opt out, I will have to keep your data on file for insurance/account purposes. You can opt out at anytime by contacting me via my contact form.

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